About Us

Cesaretti Engineered Solutions provides designs for flat ground. Acreage does not mean useable land. If you have ever spent a sleepless night trying to sleep on a steep grade, you know the value of flat ground. Flat Ground is an illustration of a designed topographical geography. It is a metaphor of creating a ground surface that provides purpose and value. This is Cesaretti Engineered Solutions.

Cesaretti Engineered Solutions is proud to partner with and provide engineering for HILFIKER RETAINING WALLS . The Hilfiker Company has been providing quality products for more than a century. A fourth generation family owned business, it is through the Hilfiker family and their clever innovations and patented products that Cesaretti Engineered Solutions exists. Hilfiker is a Humboldt County grown Employer but the Hilfiker company employment should not be limited to those directly on the Hilfiker payroll. The wire vendor and galvanizer, the truck driver and gravel supplier, the launderer and the engineer, are all directly blessed by this company's existence and success. Companies like Hilfiker are a backbone to the American economy. Hilfiker products are in place and being successfully used worldwide. Hilfiker Retaining Wall work has provided a means for the Cesaretti Engineering stamp to be on projects in 9 states, 4 countries and still counting.

The following are examples of Designed Topograhical Geography:

Slope Stabilization

Road Side Management

Infrastructure Improvements

Culvert Abutment and Wingwalls

Bridge Ramps Wingwalls and abutments

Watercourse embankments and Scour Guard Protection

Traffic Management

Structural Foundations and Real Estate Enhancement