Weichpec Slope Failure

On the Klamath River way out past Weichpec and Martins Ferry Bridge on the 169 there was a slope failure. Rainwater had undercut the roadway and part of the road side had fallen off. The locals were still using the damaged roadway, it was still working for single car traffic but the School Bus was no longer able to use it. Hilfiker Retaining Walls and CES partnered with a solution. The state wanted the permanent solution to be a soldier pile wall. This type of retaining wall required heavy pile drivers to be placed on top of the cliff on the roadway. The temporary Hilfiker solution was twofold. One, provide a stabilized reinforced slope so that some local kids could go back to school and second to provide a heavy equipment pad so that the pile driving equipment could be placed for the final solution.

If you look close you can see two generations of Hilfikers still getting out to the job site, assessing problems and coming up with innovative solutions.

Bill Hilfiker is the Patriarch of the Hilfiker family and holder of many of its patents.

A spiralnail welded wire top down construction shoring was placed and the school bus was back on schedule. The same spiralnails that were used in the first stage were purposefully too long so that they could be used in the second stage. A trusswall system was built around the first stage shoring to provide for the reinforced widened roadway that would be used for the proposed heavy equipment.